Senior DevOps Engineer – telecommunications company


We would like to share with you an opportunity to join the team of a leading telecommunications company. We are seeking a skilled DevOps Engineer to help create a standard approach to application development, from design to deployment and monitoring.

The team is focused on creating a CNCF-compliant infrastructure and utilizing a portfolio of several modern technologies. Although the project is in its early stages, several applications are already in development. We are looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer to join in the next steps towards deployment and production.

Below is a brief summary of this role and the qualifications we are looking for.

Local used technology stack:

  • on-premises Kubernetes
  • Gitlab and Gitlab CI
  • ArgoCD
  • HELM
  • K8s Operator Framework
  • Spring Boot 2 (Java 17, Maven)
  • ELK Stack
  • Minio
  • Redis, PostgreSQL
  • Nexus
  • Vault
  • SonarQube
  • OpenAPI
  • Prometheus
  • Grafana


  • Participate in the designing and creation of the technological stack and its subsequent commenting and revision
  • Manage and orchestrate on-premise Kubernetes clusters, applications and infrastructure components using HELM
  • Implement highly available and scalable infra-application architectures and security concerns
  • Develop and maintain CI/CD pipelines using GitLab CI and ArgoCD
  • Collaborating with developers on software requirements
  • Mentoring and guiding the other team members


  • 3+ years of experience in DevOps or equivalent experience
  • Ability to design and implement deployment strategies that balance the needs of development teams with the stability and availability requirements of production environments
  • Strong understanding of cloud-native technologies and best practices
  • Strong experience with Kubernetes and containerization technologies
  • Strong experience with GitLab and GitLab CI
  • Strong knowledge of at least one scripting language (BASH, Python)
  • Experience with Prometheus, Grafana or other monitoring and alerting solutions
  • Experience with Microservice architecture
  • Experience with testing automation (unit, performance,…)
  • Be able to work independently and as part of a team, proactive and self-motivating attitude to work
  • Excellent problem-solving and troubleshooting skills, root-cause analysis
  • Experience with documentation creation and updates
  • Good communication and collaboration skills

Job type:

  • IČO
  • Prague – on-site preferred, but not required Stringdata BTL Trask CRAW