React / Native React Frontend Developer, IČO


We are a company that helps innovative startups to get on their own feet. From articulating the original vision, through laying down the first brick until seeing the new company in working process, we are there to help.

Right now, we are looking for a passionate front-end engineer for our freshly founded IT team. We have several projects in process and we invite you to join our team and make one of the them your child. You will build a working solution (web, mobile) from scratch. Isn´t this the calling of many developers? What we do at the moment, is looking at React and React Natives from the pool of technologies, but are open to everyone who has anything interesting to bring to our work.


We are not in search of absoulte beginners, but we will always be willing to help you with everything. The essentials are team spirit, willingness to learn and hard work and dedication.

As a reward, besides an enormous satisfaction from working on meaningful projects, you will be able to join our running sessions with a traineror do yoga and martial arts with us. Activepass benefit card is in the game, too.

We offer the salary of 3.000 – 6.000 KČ/MD.


If you feel like we are the right group of people to surround yourself with, reach out to us. Send us a link to somethig you feel proud of – your website, Github, or even a LinkedIn profile might catch our eye. Stringdata BTL Trask CRAW