Data Developer with ENG, FR


We are looking for a Senior Data Developer with excellent knowledge of French and English for data extraction and technical support between entities of a major banking group.


You will be an important link between the entities, the mother entity and the contractor entity. You will be responsible for preparing and improving the quality of SQL scripts for the entities. These scripts, controlled by other shell scripts, will generate data extractions directly in the entities‘ data centres and send them to the entities for ingestion into the DWH.

We need technical support for the entities:

  • Issues that can be identified in the extractions
  • The structural changes to the extractions
  • Shell scripts used to automate the extraction and formatting process (batches). You will need to write/modify the scripts as required
  • File transfer and data security (managing the creation of new flows and assisting the production team with incidents)
  • Prepare test data for BA analysis and general testing of our solution (CAT/SIT)

You will also coordinate the above activities and make suggestions to improve the processes.

Technical skills:


  • SQL, SQL Procedural (PL SQL; Transact-SQL; SPL SQL)
  • DB: Oracle, Informix, MS SQL Server
  • Unix Shell, Windows Shell
  • MS Excel


  • Sybase DB
  • Teradata DB
  • VBA

Soft skills:

  • Coordination of activities
  • Improving customer relations
  • Multitasking
  • Prioritising activities
  • Motivating partners in projects

French and English. Czech is not mandatory.

Job type:

  • IČO
  • Full-remote Stringdata BTL Trask CRAW