Software Product Engineer


For a new application used for streaming movies, TV shows and sports broadcasts, we are looking for an experienced Software Product Engineer to expand the Prague branch team. Together with the team, you will work closely with colleagues from the USA, Poland, Hungary and jointly develop and subsequently put into operation a new streaming service. All under the auspices of The Walt Disney Company.


Your Key Responsibilities

·        You like to remove core bottlenecks in software development processes like deployment pipelines, performance & reliability testing & infra

·        You are a data driven decision maker and believe in applying creative technical solutions towards making systems more efficient and effective.

·        You love developing tools that make an engineer’s life easier and bring delight to their endeavors — be it command line tools, User interfaces, web services, debugging tools, test data factories, performance engineering etc.

·        You’ve worked to automate and remove repetitive and manual tasks because inefficiency is one of your least favorite things

·        You believe that unless you can quantify or measure something, you probably can’t improve it or solve it

·        You have an unwavering passion for, and focus on, polished products, engineering excellence, and productivity

·        You love to design, implement, and improve tools, frameworks, metrics, and processes.

What to Bring

·        Senior experience distributed across Dev, QA or DevOps Engineering

·        Experience in developing solutions for development or testing of front end applications, API, performance engineering

·        Very good in in CI-CD tools like Jenkins, GoCD, Kubernetes, EC2 and terraform

·        Hands on programming experience in major programming and Scripting language

·        Hands on experience in major DBs, Caches and Queuing systems

·        Experience in designing, developing, debugging and executing automation scripts

·        Deep hands on experience in Linux/Unix commands is a plus

·        Well versed in analysing server logs and metrics

·        Understand functional and non function aspects of system

·        Strong desire to work in an unstructured, fast moving startup environment


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