Senior Angular Developer / Full Remote


WE are looking for a Senior Angular Developer for an international consulting company.

Cooperation on ID 7000 / MD according to your experience
Prague 4, or a fully remote project.

We are looking for somebody who:
• Is great hands-on developer
• Is able to produce high quality code at a high velocity
• Is able to do code reviews
• Is able to define and evaluate software development best practices
• Knows design patterns and is able to introduce them when needed together with
explanation of why they should be used and what is the added value they bring
• Is able to efficiently communicate, explain design ideas, consistently “fight” for good
things to happen and be introduced in relation to SDLC (be it new tools, new SW
development approaches, new techniques…)
• Is able to help people around to get things done
• Has a strong sense of responsibility and commitment
• Strong ability to verify assignments and proactively propose improvements
• Ability to self sufficiently and proactively look for solutions

Detailed Position Description
• Strong understanding of software development life-cycle, different front-end
technologies and programming languages (Javascript, Typescript, Angular, React).
• Deep knowledge of Angular development – at least 5 years of experience.
• Experience with using and designing REST APIs
• Ability to build the application from scratch using the best practices in the area.
• Experience with building large enterprise applications, including performance
optimization, data security and maintainability.

Be able to build the high quality, responsive UI (styles and templates) based on the
custom designs incorporating the common UI libraries. Be able to detect the
inconsistencies and discuss them with the designers.
• Strong understanding of the agile programming methodology.
• Provide technical leadership, and ensure compliance with development process and
• Experience migrating code through various environments, creating code branches,
resolving merge conflicts.
• Must have strong communication skills and be self-motivated.
• Able to lead development operations, in conjunction with new feature enhancements,
after an application has gone live.
• Experience working in a fast paced, agile environment.
• Has the ability to work with several business Partners with competing requirements and
be able to bridge the gap between requirements to keep the development team
productive and achieve overall project success
• Be able to manage expectations with business Partners to help them understand the
technical and financial impact of over-complex requirements to ensure the
stability/maintainability of the application while achieving low TCO
• Must work well in a team environment, including a collaborative approach to design
and architecture
• Experience with .NET and C# development is a benefit, but not a requirement.

Requirements / Must Haves
● Very good English for daily communication
● Mindset of consultant – propose innovations, explain reasons for change, guide nontechnical people
● Ability to work with team from US time-zone (standard work-hours by 6pm CET, but
longer overlap with US time helps, there is ~7 hours offset to GMT+1, so the position is
more suitable who likes to wake up later/not an early bird)
● Angular, Angular CLI
● Javascript, Typescript
● RxJS
● NgRx Store, Redux, State management
● HTML, CSS, SASS, preprocessors
● Responsive Web Apps, PWA
● Bootstrap, MaterialUI
● Web API, REST, GraphQl
● Node.js, npm
● Websockets, SignalR