DevOps engineer for Deutsche Telekom.


We are hiring a DevOps engineer for a project for Deutsche Telekom.
Cooperation on HPP.

Full remote option, or offices in Prague 4, Brno and Hradec Králové.

You will participate in international projects related to Self-care, the introduction of optical networks, 5G, high-speed Internet, IoT, etc. within the Deutsche Telekom group.

Technical skills:
(+) = you have basic knowledge about the technology and you can work with it after a short learning (or repetition phase)
(++) = you solve basic problems with the technology and you are able to solve problems from scratch (this means you do not rely on reusing what others have done before you)
(+++) = you can teach the topic to others and you know the boundaries and corner cases of the technology. You are an expert.
(nth) = nice to have

  • (+++) Gitlab, especially in terms of (Deployment-) Pipelines
  • (+) Gitops with ArgoCD
  • (+++) Kubernetes
  • (++) knowledge in at least one (not all necessary) Cloud-Computing-Service (e.g. AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Open Telekom Cloud, …)
  • (+++) knowledge in Monitoring/Logging Systems, preferably in:
    (Or comparable products)
  • (+++) Should be able to implement and improve our current Monitoring
  • (nth) Knowledge in Infrastructure Automation frameworks like Terraform or (ideally) Pulumi or a similar product
  • (++) Golang-programming language
  • (+) The candidate should have also skills in either development or testing, preferably testing. The reason is that this persons needs to integrate in a Scrum-team and might need to do work besides the DevOps-work. Also being T-shaped will improve mutual understanding and communication inside the Scrum-Team

Tasks to fulfill in the team and Softskills:

  • Bring Operations mindset into the team
  • Bring Cloud Native Principles to the teams. Check if Microservices fulfill requirements like:
  • Graceful Shutdown
  • Sufficient Monitoring and logging
  • Rolling Update ability
  • Understand the DevOps-8 (Plan, Code, Build, Test, Release, Deploy, Operate, Monitor, repeat) and be part of it inside the Scrum
  • Team, if necessary: preach it!
  • Conduct and program Production-Readiness-Checks
  • The DevOps-Engineer will be first contact person for the services of the team, especially for the Production
  • Problem-Management with the focus on availability, stability and performance of the team microservices
  • Ideally proactive monitor and alert problems before they really happen
  • Candidate should have an “Automate-Everything”-mindset
  • Candidate should be willing to perform On-Call-Duty when necessary
  • Candidate should be an evangelist for DevOps-principles inside the Development-Team, this means:
  • Person should have an agreeable personality and advanced interpersonal skills as we need to coach our teams into that direction. This will require some patience as well sometimes Stringdata BTL Trask CRAW