Jan Sramek, .NET developer Jan Sramek, .NET developer

Via company Timone I found a job as a developer in Germany and it was really nice change in my life. Timone was really helpful with finding the accommodation. To my own experience I can only recommend this company.

Jan Sramek

Karel, C/C++ developer Karel, C/C++ developer

Thanks to Timone management I proved to connect with German company, where I´m really satisfied. Communication and every services was very quickly and profesional.
I can recommend the services of this company.


Martin Jagr, PHP developer Martin Jagr, PHP developer

I liked this position because it is my first job abroad. It was great opportunity to get to know the work in different place, nice people and gain experience with a solid client with interesting products. With good knowleadge of english, I arranged everywhere without any problems. After few months I can catch on what the conversation in German languague is about even though that I cant say a word when I arrived in Germany. First I was scared of change and working abroad but afterwads I was glad that I try it…

Martin Jagr

Marek Bilka, C/C++ developer Marek Bilka, C/C++ developer

Timone offers me a position, which suits me. Elsewhere they did not offer me this position. So I can recommend this company for professionalism and the offer that others do not have.

Marek Bilka

Lukas Lences, System specialist Lukas Lences, System specialist

The work, which the Timone offers to me is genious! I´m very satisfied and grateful. Our communication was on professional level in despite of big distance between us. I praise the attitude and Timone people´s willingness.

Lukas Lences

Pavel Zezule, Java Architect Pavel Zezule, Java Architect

Timone offers a wide selection of projects in the Czech Republic and abroad.
I appreciate our long-term cooperation at the same time I can reccomend Timone to all candidates interested in job in IT sector.

Pavel Zezule

Radovan Mily, C/C++ embedded developer Radovan Mily, C/C++ embedded developer

I was really satisfied with the whole time of cooperation with Timone. The communication was quick and the dealing always fair. I do not have any reservations againts Timone so I can only recommend this company.

Radovan Mily

Daniel Dusek, .NET/C# developer Daniel Dusek, .NET/C# developer

I cooperate with Timone almost 4 years, with Mrs. Maskova and I can say that everything is amazing. The dealing on the Timone side is open, friendly and they provide communication with customers and new job offers. I can only recommend this company!

Daniel Dusek


Andrej Stajer, .NET developer Andrej Stajer, .NET developer

As a freelancer I choose company, which I will cooperate with. With Timone I have briliant experiences from swiss projects. I would like to recommend the Timone to everyone who are looking for good conditions and profesional access.

Andrej Stajner

Jiri Jansky, Project Manager Jiri Jansky, Project Manager

I have decided to work with Timone because of their focus on job offers for IT specialists – including in Germany in major companies which are highly valued and respected. Timone is successfully competing with local companies in Germany, while Timone can find quality candidates with professional experience and language skills in collaboration with a local partner, targeting and select position which matches the candidate´s experience, so this candidate is able to quickly join the project activities and to successfully meet the objectives they expect from the position.

The whole process from initial contact and establishing the cooperation to the implementation, the quick start of the job of the applicant in the target country was not only very fat, but thanks to the approach, style of negotiation and organizational skills of the representatives of Timone – Mrs. Lucie Sedlecka and Mrs. Gabriela Maskova, when I always received complete information at the right time. During my working in Germany I keep cooperate with Timone at high level, because of well-set internal proccesses. Behing these processes are the Timone workers. Many thanks to them!

I wish Timone a lot of success in the future.
Jiri Jansky


With Timone Management we cooperate almost a year, specifically with Ivan Sramek, in recruitment IT specialist. It is almost IT specialist like programmer, analytics. Our cooperation works very well. We appreciate the quick reaction to our needs and whole communication.

The company Timone is our profesional partner, whose experience in IT area is benefit in our cooperation. We plan to continue with cooperation with Timone.

Michaela Vancatova, HR manager

Timone Management s.r.o. is our biggest partner for recruitment of IT specialist. They are helping us to find the right candidates to our team – based on cooperation with Marcel Pchalek. Last month they help us to find two new people. The cooperation works on high professional level.

Mgr. Magdalena Tluchorova, HR Project Manager

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